fredag den 31. august 2012


I was afraid that this rebirth of mine wouldn't last very long, I had gotten bored of this before and was afraid of doing it again.
Now however, I doubt it will happen in a while, because I actually really enjoy writing stuff for Sands and Steel, it just feels so great.

torsdag den 30. august 2012

Model X-13

Today I am going to be talking about one of the characters from Sand and Steel, Model X-13.

He is one of the Protons, the name might give that away, he is the most advanced model the humans built, he is highly intelligent and strong, however quickly turned against the humans and started the Proton right movement, the humans tried to make him ''vanish'' but he was to strong and escaped.

Since then he has been working away from human colonies in an unknown location in the desert and he mostly sends messages to the colonies, however, later he also started hacking into the systems and doing different things, the last time he hacked into the systems before [Classified] he blacked out the power for everything but the visual screens in the colony and had them repeat a threatening message about Proton rights  for 2 hours before the problem could be solved, the message stated that humans [Classified].

There will be some changes to this character throughout the story, there will also been large and small events that change him, I think he will be a pretty good character.

onsdag den 29. august 2012


I'm back, finally I found some motivation to write again, I want to finish the story, however writing on the same story can get rather tedious and reading a blog like this one might be pretty boring considering that I don't update it often.
HOWEVER I haven't written much on my stories lately, I have however written a lot of ideas down, one which I really like, when I don't have anything to say about my story, I will say something about these ideas, share them and listen to your thoughts on them, I will also ask questions on different topics and maybe even write something completely different.
Also the fact that I have so many ideas now gives me more to write on, and therefore I won't get tired of always writing in the same still on the same story.

I will also talk about one of my ideas today.

Sands and Steel: Man and Machine
This is a story that takes place on a desert planet with a highly technological civilization of human, Saphis (The first alien species humanity encountered in this universe.) and Protons, sentient robots.

It will follow four characters that have different political views and different thoughts on right and wrong as they try to make it out of an upcoming political crisis, with their factions on top, of course.

I can't reveal much more yet, but I will, with time.