onsdag den 30. maj 2012

I haven't updated this blog for an eternity...

But I will now!
My pause is still going, I plan on writing again in the summer, I'm going to be seeing a lot of beautiful landscapes and I hope they Inspire me, not to say I will have lots of time to do it in.

I have paused the book, as you know, but not my writing, I am currently writing down ideas for another book if I feel like writing something else or I finish the current project, I need your help however because I have this great idea! But there is the sub-ideas for what way the book will turn and I don't think it's a good idea to write three books with a very similar plot.
It's called the temple of Eternity.
The first one is about mystery and exploration, the main character finds himself in a futuristic and advanced temple like building that's larger than anything he know, but it's abandoned, throughout the story he will find the secrets of the temple, clues to his own background, and the reason for his being here.

The second one is darker and a lot more ''arena'' like, 142 people are dragged to the temple, the main character being one of them, he has no amnesia and he quickly figures out why he is there, if more than one person is alive before there has gone a week, all will die...

The third one is faster than the others and a little more basic, the character is in the temple, alone again, he quickly finds a core that reveals things to him that I won't spoil, the core, after that, can't survive anymore and starts to self destruct, dragging the temple with it, the character then has to come out with the things the core revealed.

I would like to hear which idea you like the most and if you even liked the setup from the start, also if you will, I would also like to know what you thought about the other two ideas that you didn't like as much.

I would like to say that there is more to these stories than I reveal, a lot more, all of them might seem basic, but I have some unique twists and turns I think would make for a good story.

fredag den 11. maj 2012


I've decided to take a break, mainly because writing 500 words a day wasn't a good idea, everyday you don't feel like writing it's going to get rushed and then you have to re-write the whole thing, now I also have to write manuscripts and act for the next movie project. (Which is a lot more fun to work with, because I work with my friends.)
So even though I want complete the book, I think I will and since no one else is waiting for it, (According to my knowledge the only ones who even bothered to read it are my parents...) I find it acceptable to take a break.

lørdag den 5. maj 2012

Project 2

ProjectWill has gotten a second project!
This new project will slow down my book project, however, I believe that is a good thing because I get more time to think about it and it will probably seem less rushed, while I still get something done.

This new project is me and one of my friends who are filming and editing a movie, we start out small with a 5 minute short or something like that, but I think we can move on the larger projects soon.

Not many people read this blog so I think I can spoil a little more about what will happen, since it's just a short and test it won't really have a story, it will just be a battle with a ganster type of guy and a soldier, with fitting effects and there isn't much more to it, silly I know, but it's going really well so far, we can finish it today if the filming goes well!