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Once in a lifetime, updated, modifed, continued and packed with sci-fi.

Once in a lifetime
Prologue: Mechanic

Admiral Dean walked in to his office, it was a pretty large room, for an office that is, there was some plain white paint on the walls and roof with a nice brown carpet covering the floor and a nice window behind my steel desk.
In the window you could see another building, mostly grey with some large white lines to indicate where the different offices where, most of them also had a window identical to mine, but between the buildings there was a little garden to look at.

Dean pulled out his little chair, it was a standard office chair but it was very comfortable and sturdy.
He then sat down and opened up his green laptop, pressed the power button and typed in the password ‘’Leanehound’’.

Leane was his wife and he loved dogs, he always had one, so it was a sensible password.
The laptop started and automatically opened his folder of messages from work, there was only one.
Assault on the outer Colleral space dock
-General Meadow

Colleral was the name of an aggressive species that had initiated a war with the human, the message read:
We need another mechanic to fix the mechs in time for the assault, I have to supervise the progress so you have to find a mechanic and send him here ASAP.

He doesn’t have to be anything special; we just need someone who can follow orders.
Dean proceeded to look at available crew in the Nebula, the human space explorers.
Several buttons appeared:
Medical officers:
Medical crew:
Mechanic officers:
Mechanic crew:

That was the one he needed, before bothering to look at the rest, thirty available crew showed up, four recommended, he read the recommended first.

Mange Orique:

Performance: A very experienced mechanic who has been on sixteen short missions and two long missions, mostly a hard worker but can get very frightened when things are really at stake.

Age: 42

Derok Goldheim

Performance: A very high tempered mechanic who doesn’t go on long missions because others don’t like being around him for long, otherwise a very good mechanic who is rarely afraid, twenty-five short missions.

Age: 37
Linda Forsée

Performance: A self-confident mechanic who also studied science for a period of time, a fast worker but has a hard time following orders but still gets the job done most of the time, very good at improvising.
Nine short mission and one long mission.

Age: 27

Venus Dimm

Perfomance: A stunning mechanic with high expectations, still very young and not in full understanding of everything, he can do a good job inside his knowledge and he follows orders, two short missions.

Age: 24

Dean considered all of them.
Orique could be a good choice but this mission was in a dangerous zone, if the enemies were to attack he could be a lot less useful.
Goldheim was a no, this was only a short mission so they shouldn’t need someone who could disturb the others, were at a tight schedule already.
Forsée was a good choice but in the end he went with Dimm, this could be a good chance to see his potential and he was good at following orders, which could really be needed in this tight schedule they had.

Chapter 1: Cold before the storm

-WAKE UP VENUS! A female voice said.
-Wha? Venus replied as he slowly regained consciousness.
-Venus it’s nine already! The voice said.
-Mira, the academy lessons doesn’t start until evening today, Venus said.
‘’I know, but I saw you had a new assignment.’’
‘’Didn’t I tell you to stop looking at my laptop?’’
‘’It was an accident, I promise.’’
‘’Whatever, let me check it.’’

Venus quickly goes out of the bed and stands in his and Miras Bedroom, it was mostly white on the walls and the roof, but the bed was black and so was most of the furniture, Mira thought it was ‘’artistic’’.
He walked into a restroom right beside the bedroom.

It was a standard white restroom with a shower, toilet and a washbasin, nothing special; he put on his clothing in a flash and hurried out into his office, a standard little home office with a desk, laptop and a lamp, sometimes he had some paper to but most things from his work was written in a digital form.
He hurried over to the desk and pulled out the small black office chair and sat down.

His laptop was already on, considering Mira knew what was on it, it wasn’t a big surprise.
The work folder opened as always and he saw the new message:

Outer Nebula station requires assistance
-Admiral Dean

You are needed in the Outer Nebula station, information is classified.
A small transport ship will pick you up at the academy at twelve hundred O’clock.
Don’t be late.

This was amazing, missions were more fun than just studying at the academy, he was very excited for the mission.

-I will leave around eleven, Mira, Venus said.
-What are you supposed to do, nothing dangerous, right? Mira asked.
-It’s classified, but you know Nebula has security as their high- Venus replied when Mira interrupted and said: -est priority and bla bla bla, you said that a few hundred times.
‘’Just saying that I’m returning in one piece, maybe two if you get lucky.’’
‘’Then you would have to be a little richer.’’
‘’Well, people studying don’t usually get much money for it, remember how much they gave you when you went to school?’’
‘’You see? They usually don’t get paid very much, so what I have now will have to do.’’
Mira appeared in the doorway and said: ‘’Hope you have a good trip, I’ll miss you’’
Venus stood up and said: ’’I’ll miss you too Mira, I don’t think it’s a very long assignment though, they save them for people who actually finished the academy’’
‘’You’re close Venus, you know that, anyways, I have go to work, bye!’’
Mira left the doorway and Venus heard the door open and close a little later, he should probably get ready to leave too.
Two hours later Venus was on the transport ship.
-Can you tell me my assignment pilot? Venus yelled.
-Negative, I haven’t heard what it is, the pilot replied.
A few hours later the ship arrived and Venus stepped of and the ship took off again instantly, must be a tight schedule.
Venus was greeted by the chief mechanic.
-Welcome, you must be Dimm, was it? The mechanic said.
-Yes I’m Dimm, chief mechanic, Venus replied quickly.
-Call me Arale, I need you to follow me.

Venus followed Arale through the space station, it was mostly grey walls but there were lots of crewmembers aboard so it didn’t feel alone, eventually there was also a door in the wall, it was still a large corridor at least 3 meters tall, which was probably an indication of the station itself being large.
After some time they saw a large door in the side with a sign saying ‘’Mech bay’’ above it, Arale went over and pulled the door open and as Arale and Venus walked through Venus saw the amazing room.

It was at least 20 meters tall, lots of people walked around and appeared to be building mechs, the huge metallic vehicles were all along the walls, there were also second floors on the sides of the room with another layer of mechs.
-I need you to go upstairs on the left and help Kim and Nina fixing the 3’rd mech from the right, they will brief you in what to do, Arale said.

-Right after that a woman ran over to Arale and said: ‘’Sir, were running out of time, they’re almost here!’’
Chapter 2: Eye of the storm
-Who is almost here!? Venus yelled; ‘’Why wasn’t I briefed!?’’
-Venus! Arale yelled in return; ‘’How close are they Alice?’’
‘’They should be here in 20 minutes, sir’’
-Shut up! Venus yelled; ‘’I have a fiancée at home and a bright future ahead of me, again why wasn’t I briefed!?’’
-Venus, we don’t have time for this! Arale yelled; ‘’How many mechs will be done before they arrive?’’
-You might be superior officer but I won’t accept this! Venus yelled; ‘’Why wasn’t I warned about this!?’’
-For Christs sake, Arale said and after a little pause he continued; ‘’It’s the Colleral, they weren’t supposed to come and you weren’t supposed to be here when we started the attack’’
-Why wa- Venus said when Arale stopped him and said; ‘’It doesn’t matter now, we can’t do anything.’’
-Okay Alice, how many mechs? Arale asked.
‘’We should have ar-‘’ Alice said when all of sudden a huge explosion came from the big gate to space at the end of the bay and flooded almost the entire bay.
Venus quickly ran against the door, Alice and Arale following close after him, when he reached the door he realized that they could not lose the Outer Nebula Station, that could cost them a great tactical location and lots of resources, way too many.

-Arale, evacuate, you’re the ranking officer, they need you more than they need me! Venus said as he noticed small pods crashing into the floor, probably filled with Colleral soldiers flying right into the bay.
When Venus said that most officers would have said something like ‘’I should go down with the ship, not you’’ or ‘’I command you to go, I’ll stay’’ but Arale wasn’t stubborn or naïve, he just left with Alice, who Venus noticed had a huge bruise on her chin.
Venus realized that his chance of survival was very low but the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, he saw a large wrench close by and decided it was the best kind of weapon around here, if he couldn’t reach a working mech.
He saw a mech, unfortunately it was on the second floor, he quickly ran over and grabbed the wrench then proceeded to quickly looked around, he noticed that the smoke the explosion had left covered a lot of the area but because the station could automatically block out breaches with force fields but he had to think quickly, the force fields didn’t have unlimited energy.

Venus started sprinting for the ladder to the small second floor as the smoke seemed to provide cover but it also covered the Colleral, when he had almost reached the ladder he tripped over something and fell, quickly standing up because of the situation required it, he then quickly turned around and saw what tripped him.
It was a Colleral, it was also about to stand up, it was much taller than Venus, around 2.1 meters tall he assumed, slightly red skin and the some bones sticking out around the neck.
It was also covered in what looked like combat armor, grey with the Colleral sign on the kneepads and a helm covering the entire head with a small visor around the eyes, Colleral could breathe the same air as humans could but it slightly weakened them so they preferred the suits.

Before the humanoid could completely stand up Venus proceeded to hit it in the visor as hard as he could with the wrench, it broke and it was very shocked, the glass from the visor should make it even more troubling for it though, considering it would fly into the eyes, even worse for the creature was that it would shift to the human air as it got wounded, that could be very dangerous.

The mech was more important than completely killing it so Venus quickly jumped on the ladder and started climbing it as quickly as he could but then he noticed that he had taken some small damage from the fall, making it troubling to climb but he still did it pretty fast.
As soon as he reached the top he jumped for the mech, it was tall and he would have a hard time climbing it, usually you had time and no aliens shooting at you…
The wounds would also be troubling but nothing he couldn’t handle.

As he started to climb the mech he noticed that he was completely detected, bullets flew all around him, lucky that the Colleral still used some pretty low-tech weapons, as he reached the top of the mech he still hadn’t been hit which was very fortunate, he jumped into the seat and pressed the initiate button, a visor sled down in front of him, he heard the friendly robotic-male voice saying: ‘’All systems active, taking fire’’

None of the weapons the Colleral foot-soldiers used could penetrate the mechs hull, but if a Colleral  ship fired at him he could be in trouble,  that is if they had a ship of course, only the small shuttles had been confirmed.
He powered the weapons, they were big machineguns with highly explosive rounds, it would easily be able to defeat the Colleral in the room, and he didn’t know how many were outside though.
He pulled the trigger and the gatling gun like barrels started spinning, shortly after the bullets flew out and in a matter of seconds he had laid waste to the entire room, there didn’t seem to be any more living Colleral so he proceeded to activate the thrusters and fly against the hull breach.

He quickly came over to the breach and the force field stopping the oxygen from draining could easily be flown through, he was out in space in a matter of seconds.

He could see lots of stars and a huge purple nebula close by, that is how the station got its name, but he quickly noticed some pretty well camouflaged ships, shortly after he saw how large they were and that he had almost no chance to defeat them and an even smaller one to escape.

While thinking about whether to engage or try to escape he didn’t notice that one ship had already detected him and was preparing weapons, it fired a missile and Venus saw it  just as it was about to hit him, but he couldn’t evade it.

After the missile impacted Venus noticed that he was still alive and conscious but barely, as his vision darkened he heard the friendly male voice from the mechs computer was talking.
-Weapon systems down, navigational systems down, medical support failing, power failing, the computer said before there was too little power, it was automatically redirected to medical support.

A few moments later his vision darkened completely.

Chapter 3: Permanent

Surprisingly, Venus opened his eyes again, everything was a little blurry but from what he make out he was in a spaceship with grey walls and lots of people sitting down, he started to hear lots of different voices.
All of sudden something grabbed his neck and turned his head, he looked at what looked like some ones face, but he couldn’t see whose.
-Dimm! A familiar voice said; ‘’It’s me, Arale!’’
it appeared to be the face right in front of him talking, so he guessed it was Arale.
-How? Venus tried to say and he thought it was understandable that you would have some questions about this.
‘’Our escape shuttle was captured, I don’t know what they did to Alice but I think she is alive.’’
‘’What is this?’’
‘’You probably haven’t noticed yet but your hands are chained to the seat, I think this is some kind of prison transport, but I haven’t seen any guards, only this empty room with locked doors and a few windows.’’
Venus vision began to clear up, he also felt the chains on his hands, and there were also some on his legs.
-How many others are here? Venus asked.
‘’By my count 40, but I can’t see how many there are behind me.’’
‘’Any escape plans?’’
‘’No, we can’t do anything.’’

All of sudden a high pitched voice left of Venus yelled: ‘’Hey everyone! They’re closing in on a planet, I think were arriving!’’
Venus looked over against the voice and noticed it was a pretty small man sitting close by a window, he was bald and wearing a green shirt, Venus couldn’t make out his pants though as the person in front of him was blocking it.
Venus started hearing low chatter around him; it was probably about the planet.
After some time the starship shook a little and then stopped, they had arrived.

A purely robotic voice quickly said: ‘’This is where you will be living permanently.’’
All of sudden the chains opened and everyone stood up and started walking against the left wall, including Venus, as he was walking he felt something stinging in the neck, something that didn’t  sting while he stood still, he assumed it was some mechanism that controlled some of his brain functions, he couldn’t think of anything else and he definitely wasn’t walking by himself.
After some time the wall opened like a door and everyone started walking through into large hallway of glass, through the glass they could see the planets surface and surprisingly for a prison planet it had a lots of life, usually prison planets are deserted, with almost no life and no resources outside of the prison camps,  this one was like one of the rainforests from earth, just in a much larger scale, the trees were absolutely huge and he could see animals everywhere, here could mostly see insects but there were some other animals too, Venus couldn’t quite see how they looked because he was walking and most of them were behind branches, trees and such, he assumed there were some other, larger animals around because of the scale of the rest of the rainforest.
Shortly after they passed the hallway wh all the walls were just grey with lots of doors in the sides, about 10 meters between each one, one person went through each door and after some time Venus wished he could go through a door because his legs were tired and wanted something to happen.

As people went through the doors Venus noticed how the numbers diminished and soon there were almost no one left, when Arale left there was only four people left, including Venus, it felt like the doors got further and further away, after some time it felt like there were no more doors, but there were.
Shortly after the others left too and Venus was the only one left, he finally saw a door and went through it, he came inside a little room with a small lit lamp on the roof, a very uncomfortable looking bed and a small chair next to a table standing next to the wall, there was a hole in the wall right above the table and a little dish standing in front of the hole.
On the dish there was what looked like some food, he didn’t recognize what it was though, to the left of the dish a glass of water, this is very he would be living for the rest of his life… apparently.

Venus also noticed how he could finally move by himself, it felt nice and refreshing.

Venus noticed how hungry he was and pulled out the chair a little bit and sat down, there was no knife or fork so he assumed he had to eat with his hands, he took the weird brown square food and bit of a little piece and started chewing, it was very dry and tasted horribly, he tried the water and hoped it wasn’t as bad as the food, at least it could hardly be as dry, fortunately it was just plain water.
After eating his neck started hurting a lot, he raised his hands and tried to cover the spot the pain came from but as soon as his hands got close to his neck he heard static and his hands were struck by what felt like lightning, the pain got worse and worse but in the process it felt like it moved away from his neck, after a short time that felt like an eternity he felt a very painful sting, after the sting the pain quickly disappeared and then, before he could think clearly, he heard something small and metallic land on the floor behind him, he quickly turned around, he was still shocked though so it was pretty difficult.

As he initially looked around nothing was there but when he looked down he saw some kind of small robot with six legs, it must have been the thing controlling him earlier, he tried to smash it with his left foot but it evaded the attack and ran in under the table, Venus jumped down on the floor and looked under the table as he saw nothing but a little hole, it must have been planned.
After that he decided he had nothing else to do but to go to sleep, he stood up from the floor and slowly got into the bed, it was very uncomfortable but it was better than the floor, only by a little though, he didn’t have anything else to do either.
He couldn’t stop thinking about the days events even though his neck hurt because of the horrible bed, but eventually he fell asleep.
Venus woke up, he didn’t know for how long he had been here but he estimated six days, some of the food came in through the hole every couple of hours and he noticed he could just get rid of the dishes by throwing them back into the hole, but it was too small for him to climb through though, so it wasn’t an option for escape, besides the dishes might as well fall straight down in hell for all he knew.
He sat down on the chair and put his hands on his face with his elbows on the table, he couldn’t believe his life had come to this, he had thought about trying to kill himself by throwing himself against the walls or starving himself but he didn’t want to give up hope yet, there were people waiting for him at home and he was planning to see them again.
Something was different today though, he couldn’t point his finger on what it was, what could be different anyways?
So far, nothing had changed, thinking about it… why are the Colleral even wasting resources on us?
Why didn’t they just kill us, it doesn’t seem like they have any other plans for us.
Then he heard it, the thing that was different today was that there was a small wooshing sound that he was completely sure he had not heard earlier, he didn’t know where it came from, he checked every inch of his room, he even checked if the odd robotic thing had placed itself on his neck again, but nothing, yet the sound kept getting louder.
Chapter 4: Impact

Soon after another sound appeared, it sounded like an engine, but not like one Venus had ever heard, the engine sound was also becoming louder quickly and he couldn’t guess what was going on, as the sounds become louder and louder he suspected it was because whatever was because they was getting closer, not the thing causing them was making it louder.
Then suddenly the sounds completely stopped but now Venus shortly heard another sound, he couldn’t guess what it was before a huge explosion tore the wall open and knocked him over, he managed to stay conscious and stood up again, when he looked against the explosion he saw the wall was torn open outside he saw a lot of the rainforest area he had seen before ,but a pretty far away he saw a large barren area, in the middle there was something odd, probably a meteorite, but then he heard a weird pulsing sound that definitely didn’t come from a meteorite and he was almost completely sure it came from that barren area.
Whit no other options, Venus decided to go check it out, it might be able to help him out somehow, there wasn’t very far down to the ground so Venus just jumped down, as he landed he could feel the dust fly around him, felt so nice to finally be on real earth again.
Looking up he saw the sun of this planet, he had really missed it, he also noticed that it was pretty hot, nothing to be worried about though.
He looked forward and the landscapes beauty caught him, it was like a large rainforest with lots of colors, the trees stood very tall in the air and there were lots of flowers and other plants on the ground, he also noticed lots of small insects, he also noticed an odd smell, he couldn’t make out what it was.
He had to continue, the landscape wasn’t very important, he started walking, he felt heavy, it was probably the planets gravity.
As he walked through the ‘’rainforest’’ he could sometimes see some smoke from the thing that landed between the leaves  in the trees, but most of the time nothing, even the sun got blocked out by all the large trees, it was still easy to go the find the way though, mostly because the pulsing sound from the thing that landed.
As he continued to walk, he noticed just how hard it was, there was lots of branches, rocks and even roots from the trees in the way, making it very bulky but because he had been in the same room the last six days, he had lots of energy.
After some time he arrived at the place where it had landed, it was an opening in the forest, the ground was a combination of black and brown with lots of debris from what he now saw was a ship, it was obvious this used to be a part of the forest.
The ship itself was large, very large, not the size of a space station but definitely large.
It was all grey, completely grey except for a large blue orb in the upper part of the ship that glowed in a pulsing way, it was obvious that it was causing the odd sound but the wierdest thing was that the ship seemed incomplete but he couldn’t understand why, there were also lots of holes, it could be from the impact.
But the only way to find out was to go in.
Venus started walking against the ship, the sound got louder, but it obviously wasn’t just because he got closer, the sound really was getting louder.
As he got to the door the sound stopped, instantly and completely.
-Come closer, a weak and shaky voice said.
Chapter 5: Venus last step

Venus was scared, but he still looked inside and saw a very odd creature lying on the ground, he couldn’t quite make out what it was, or if it was even humanoid.
He decided to step closer, the creature didn’t look like it could harm him even if it would.
-I do not know who you are, the creature said: ‘’Neither do you know me.’’
‘’I am the last of my species in this time and dimension, this appears to be part of the third dimension, I am from the fifth, have you discovered the two planetary engines yet?’’
-No, Venus replied

‘’I cannot explain them to you, you wouldn’t be able to understand it but you must destroy the second.’’
‘’I don’t even know if you are telling the truth, now you want me to do something without telling me what it is or how to do it?’’

‘’We can’t exist in the third dimension, I am barely able to speak, the machines will explain it all.’’
‘’How do you even know I won’t use these facts to get an advantage over other species?’’
‘’You don’t know how to and even if you did our computers scanned your brainwaves and memory blocks, there is enough proof that you won’t do something like that, now enter!’’
As the thing finished a light appeared in one of the walls, Venus decided that the creature had almost nothing to lose and it was worth the risk, he walked against the light.
When he first entered he was blinded but his eyes quickly got used to the light, the room was completely white, the room appeared to be pretty small, it was completely empty.
-Full body scan initiated, a completely cold and robotic voice said.
-Accessing database, the voice said: ‘’Impossible! It would appear that you are an early human? You genetics evolved away from these several thousand years ago.’’
‘’If you are human, the genetic enhancements should be compatible, even for early humans, please wait!’’
This was really starting to creep Venus out, he had no knowledge of anything like this, in any way.
All of sudden Venus was knocked out.
Venus slowly regained consciousness, the computer had given him some very special genetic enhancements and included some of the database from their ship so that he knew what was going on, humans had eventually evolved to be able to travel from the third dimension into the fourth and eventually fifth.

His enhancements were only experimental so the computer couldn’t give him instructions on exactly what they did but he was now more robot than human.

Apparently there were two planets, they were ancient and very powerful engines, they were mostly unknown because no one dared to come anywhere near them, but the second one had apparently done something wrong and caused space around it to collapse, it would probably destroy the whole world when it happens, but because of space bending this ship was accidentally sent 2 dimensions and several thousand years away.
He noticed the creature again, it was apparently an evolved human, it was dead now, there was nothing that could be done.
This ship could impossibly be used to fly away, he would have to steal one from the Colleral, that shouldn’t be too hard.
He had apparently been equipped with a type of scanners, he didn’t know how they worked so he decided to leave them for now, he knew there was never more than 10 miles between the major parts of the prison camp, from there he could probably find some ships, he would just try to backtrack.
He went out of the ship and started to backtrack, it was very easy as he somehow recognized almost everything, it was probably also part of his enhancements.
As he was walking he noticed that the rainforest didn’t seem as beautiful but it was just as he remembered it, maybe it wasn’t only enhancements, he didn’t know though.
He started to get close to the prison camp, he wasn’t tired at all, which didn’t really confuse him.
As he got closer he started to hear sounds, most where apparently people or humanoids at least, walking.
It could be that the prison guards, if there was any that was had found out he had escaped and was searching for him.
-He is probably d-, Venus heard a static voice said, maybe Venus could pick up communications channels too?

He tried to hear more and after a short time the voice came back.
-The creatures in this jungle have probably killed him and if they haven’t yet he won’t be able to  get of the planet, it’s not like he could just build a ship out of the wood, or a weapon for that matter, this time the voice had a lot less static.
A second voice appeared, it had a little more static but it was still easy to hear, it said: ‘’You’re right, but maybe we should check out whatever crashed?’’
The first voice came back, this time with almost no static.
‘’Out of all the ships in our database, not a single one would have survived that crash.’’
-That didn’t look like a ship in our database, the second voice responded.
-I highly doubt anything could survive the crash, an incredibly strong ship would be required and if someone actually had that kind of ship, what would they be doing here and why would they send someone who couldn’t even evade a planet? The second voice answered.
Venus heard the footsteps again, this time they got lower and lower until they disappeared.
After that Venus decided to move closer.

Chapter 6: Weapon

When Venus was basically at the prison camp he heard a lot of sounds of saws, fires and other sounds in that, he decided to proceed carefully, he noticed a bush like plant and decided to crawl under it, as he got in under it he noticed lots of small branches that were in the way, he could get past them but they were very annoying.
 As he got closer to the camp the sounds got louder and when he got close enough he could see what was happening.
Around the wall that broke when the ship landed, lots of people were working, Venus guessed that they were repairing the prison cell.
‘’How can I get past these Colleral?’’ Venus mumbled to himself.
-Weapon systems are active, a robotic voice said, as if it was answering his questions.
-What weapon systems? Venus tried to ask… a part of himself? He guessed.
-Currently only class one hand and leg weapons, the genetic structure doesn’t accept the others yet and a better genetics chamber will be required to maximize weapons storage.
-Okay? Venus said, still puzzled by these enhancements, how did they even function?
-Activate weapon systems class one? Venus whispered and hoped it would activate whatever weapons he had gotten.

‘’State the amount of energy reserves to use’’
‘’What energy reserve’’
‘’These enhancements can’t function without energy, they are however able create energy of oxygen slowly, but it will take some time, stronger energy sources are required to refill energy faster, your current energy levels are at 3210C of 10000C with 1000C in reserve, if the reserve is drained however, the systems keeping you alive will start to shut down, the voice replied.’’
-Okay, use 1000C? Venus said, still puzzled about lots of this, including what C stood for.
-As you appear to require assistance most of the time, I will give you a tutorial on this next part, you need different weapons for different situations, the classes are:
predator, light, average, heavy, brawl- the robotic voice was about to say as some of the people at the prison camp seemed to notice Venus.

-Predator, quickly, Venus replied.
Venus noticed how he got a HUD showing the Colleral glowing red and slightly removing color from other things.
Venus also felt how something attaching to his arms, when he looked at them there was what looked like a sword with a barrel on the side, there was no trigger though.
The Colleral were starting to pull out weapons, they probably weren’t very highly armed because they would in most cases probably not need a weapon for this kind of mission.
Venus pointed the weapon at one of the Colleral, hoping he could fire in some way.
As soon as the weapon was pointed at Colleral in the lower left of his vision, the weapon fired, seemingly by itself, it could also mean that the enhancements were linked to his brain, which wouldn’t be such a big surprise, the enhancements seemed to be able to do practically everything by now.
Human neurology was still not perfected, they certainly weren’t able to attach something to it, that could be fatal.

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