lørdag den 5. maj 2012

Project 2

ProjectWill has gotten a second project!
This new project will slow down my book project, however, I believe that is a good thing because I get more time to think about it and it will probably seem less rushed, while I still get something done.

This new project is me and one of my friends who are filming and editing a movie, we start out small with a 5 minute short or something like that, but I think we can move on the larger projects soon.

Not many people read this blog so I think I can spoil a little more about what will happen, since it's just a short and test it won't really have a story, it will just be a battle with a ganster type of guy and a soldier, with fitting effects and there isn't much more to it, silly I know, but it's going really well so far, we can finish it today if the filming goes well!

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