tirsdag den 5. juni 2012


I figured out an idea, it's a long stretch and it will take time and mean lots of work, but I got a fantastic idea!

I have several ideas for sci-fi stories, including the one I'm currently writing and the ones you read below and I figured out that I can write them all into the same universe, I'll try to explain.

In for example (This isn't official, just to demonstrate.)
2122 the events of the first book take place.
Then in 1221 the sequel takes place (I know it's back in time, but I won't spoil why)
Then the third book in the trilogy takes place around 1222-1225 (Not sure how much time will come in between) and in the end cut to 2124.

Then 2234 the events of the first idea in the previous post take place, in the same universe, but not with the same characters, and then the second one will be re-written to fit as a sequel with the same characters and probably take place 2236-ish.
Then the third idea will also be re-written and then be put in 2240 and then the story of these characters will end.

I will then keep making more stories for a time, all with the other dimensions and the beings there being referred to somehow, I will also make sure to reveal more of them, making them less mysterious as they get less mysterious to the human race in the books, that constantly learn more about them as their technology evolves.

Then after I have written a couple of stories, I will tie them together in a way involving characters from the earlier stories and make an epic story.
I already have great ideas for the general universe and the end story, but I would like to hear suggestions!

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