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Friendship 4

Chapter 4: Trouble is chasing me!
After a short while they arrived at the blacksmith.
-What do you want, Said the Smith
-To craft weapons for money, Said Reretzu
-Kid, Said the Smith: I think you should wait three years.
-I don’t know your name but I do know that this is much more serious than you think and if you don’t let us help this city might be the one stormed with fireballs tomorrow, Said Reretzu, fast and calm.
-If you can craft a weapon that can break this piece of wood, Said the Smith and pulled out an averagely thick piece of wood: I will give you 200 gold coins and a chance to earn more.
Reretzu pulls out Wrath and says: I forged this myself. Then with 1 quick stroke the wood was cut in two pieces.
-Impressive but I don’t know if you made it, Said the smith
-You don’t have proof to us that you can do better, said Razmo
-Well then take this to the barracks, Said the smith and took up a bag of weapons: they needed a little cut, oh and here is the 200 coins.
-Okay, Said Reretzu
Reretzu and Razmo left the blacksmith.
-What an easy task. Said Reretzu just as somebody grabbed his arm and said: just give me all gold and this won’t be so hard, a voice said
2 Guys walked up forward to him and somebody grabbed Razmo too.
-Seriously? Said Reretzu and used his magic to make lighting appear all over him stunning all four, but he evaded Razmo, then he pulled out Wrath and quickly made a spinning slash highly damaging all four.
-Then Reretzu threw one gold coin at the face of the guy that grabbed him and said: you’re right it was easy.
The man didn’t answer because he was very hurt.
Then Reretzu just kept walking and Razmo said: Nice, but I could do the same with fire.
-I did it with lighting and that’s what happened, Reretzu replied: and I know you could have done it with fire Razmo, I don’t think my best friend is an idiot.
-Guess so, Said Razmo
Later when Reretzu and Razmo arrived at the barracks.
They walked inside and saw 4 troops with some light armor and 1 with heavy armor.
-What the hell? Said the one with heavy armor: Two kids just entered.
-Kids you need to be at least 19 years old to become a soldier, one of the other four said
-I’m here to deliver some weapons, Said Reretzu and gave the soldier with heavy armor the weapons
-Sure… Said the one with heavy armor and started walking away
Reretzu grabbed his shoulder and said: you forgot to pay me.
-The military needs money more than a pair of kids, the one with heavy armor said
-Why should I then deliver these weapons to you? Said Reretzu
-Because we work hard for this country while all you do is probably lay around all day and have fun, Said the one with heavy armor.
-I’m so tired of this, Said Reretzu: WHY DOES EVERY ADULT HAVE TO BE AN ASSHOLE, then he punched the guard who fell to the floor and started bleeding out of the nose.
Two guards quickly helped him up.
-What the hell, Said A guard with light armor: how did he make Lewis bleed I mean even we have a hard time doing that.
-I never knew my parents, the town I live in is completely destroyed so I only have one friend left and since then my travel has only been a nightmare since every effing adult acts like you assholes I need money to get food now while you get armor and food for free, Said Reretzu very angrily
-… There’s not so many kids like you, Said a light armored soldier quietly.
-But he still broke the law, Said Lewis smiling: He assaulted me and that’s enough for prison.
-…Stealing too, Said Reretzu in an angry tone.
Lewis started looking angry.
-What the hell kid?! You just come in here and think you deserve money, then you assault us and claims I’m stealing I’m a veteran I have survived several battles and still get sent to more and you think you should have a reward for giving us some weapons, Said Lewis
-Yes, he does, Said Razmo: and he has a good reason for it, since the rain our lives have been miserable and we got nothing now were working and still nothing, at least your family didn’t die while you were there as a kid and you knew them at least Reretzu did not.
Then Razmo fisted his hands and looked deeply on Lewis.
-Now you’re talking to huh? Said Lewis: just get away from here.
-I still don’t have our money, Said Reretzu and looked angrily on Lewis
-This is driving me crazy, Said Lewis: I guess I will throw you out in pieces, and pulled out a giant sword.

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