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Chapter 2: Start of an Odyssey
After walking through the city for some time I came into a large open space, it was between four skyscrapers, it was filled with debris in the edges but not so much in the middle, it would be a bad location if I would encounter a strong creature and I decided it would be best to hurry.
I heard a loud growl, it came from behind and it wasn’t human or machine and it didn’t fit any pre-invasion animal recordings, this is bad.
There started coming loud footsteps, fast, they got louder and louder and came in pairs, I turned around and there was only debris.
All of sudden there came lots of smoke from the debris, I saw a huge shadow, it had four legs, a small head, a long neck and a large body, it would be able to destroy me in a single dash.
The smoke cleared and saw some stinging red eyes looking straight at me, it had the same mix of red and black as the stingers, its mouth was like a round hole.
It started running against me, could my mission end here? Fail? Already?
I started activating my bomb, it looked like it could be one of their higher ranking soldiers so it could be a good move to take one out with me, the counter started.
It was closing in, I stood up to it staring it right into the eyes, I knew the word fear but unlike humans I couldn’t feel it, I wasn’t programmed to.
It reached me, but instead of just crushing me, it put its foot on me making me fall to the ground, I took heavy damage, then it looked up.
It made a loud howl probably a victory howl.
All of sudden it started bleeding the blue ‘’blood’’ from both sides of the body, but only small amounts, it also stopped howling.
It started bleeding more and now I could hear it, someone fired bullets at the creature.
The creature looked to the side while it started bleeding more and more.
The creature howled, aggressively this time.
The creature fell over.
I stopped the bomb, I could barely move, but I decided that absorbing the creatures genetics might help.
I slowly crawled over to the weakened creature, I could hear footsteps from behind, it was probably the ones who saved me.
The creature slowly started regenerating I noticed, but I would still be able to absorb its genetics
The footsteps became louder and louder as I touched the creature…

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