søndag den 22. januar 2012

Grave of the fireflies

I can't say anything about the story itself without spoiling it, but the it's about how it could have gone for an average japanese family during World War II, truly shows how there are no ''good'' or ''evil'' in war.
Good things:This is the most dramatic movie that I have seen, it was truly heartbreaking, it's realistic up to the brutal point and it tells the story in an efficent way with good pacing, animation and characters.
The older brother really struggles and you can see how what he is going through is affecting him and his younger sister.
Bad things:It is a very specific movie, if you want action, horror or anything like that you won't enjoy this, but if you like it, you really like it.
Improvements:This movie did what it wanted to, I don't thing you could really improve it.
You will either really like this movie or really hate it, but it is well made and put togheter in a good way, the characters are great and so are the visuals, nothing groundbreaking, but it wasn't supposed to be.

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