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Oilspill (working title)
Chapter 1: Activation
I saw something in front of me, it was my creators I was activated, finally I can learn to use my body, I had just been a computer for some time now.
I was in a tall room made mostly out of what looked like metal, there was a window in front of me and behind it were my creators, I had four creators; Seth Meadow, Elise Roseleaf, Cid Louvre and FAUST, FAUST had amnesia so I don’t know much about him.
‘’Project Silver!’’ the voice of Seth echoed through the hall.
‘’You are already programmed to know the situation, but you can only learn your body by using It.’’ the voice said.
‘’Try to move around, you are a humanoid, but you can use your arms to run like an animal, this was designed for different situations, mainly evading.’’ The voice said.
I tried moving each time one of my ‘’feet’’ touched the ground a metallic sound echoed through the room, I quickly got used to it quickly and tried to move faster and on four legs.
‘’Very good Silver.’’ the voice said.
‘’You are designed to absorb the alien genetics, you can only do this while they are weak though, not dead, not strong, you are also loaded with one special bomb, it only destroys alien genetics but it isn’t very large, you will have to make it stronger by absorbing their genetics, try not to have to use it.’’
‘’They seem to have noticed us’’ Another voice said, it was Elise’s voice ‘I don’t think have much time’’
‘’Silver, we don’t have time to train you completely, you know you’re functions and you can probably take out the weaker ones by now’’ Seth’s voice echoed
A door opened, it was just as metallic as the rest of the room, I could see the outside for the first time, it was horrific I could see what used to be a huge city, but now it was just ruins and lots of aliens.
I am not very powerful yet so I can’t charge into them.
I started out by finding a good place to hide, I looked at the area, there wasn’t very many of them here, I studied one, the were small and a mix between red and a little black, they had tails with blades on the end, they were around as half as tall as me but there scorpion like shape made up for it , they wouldn’t be able to inflict much damage, I saw one a little bit away from the others it came close to a wall of debris, as soon as it wo-
I was spotted, five of the creatures charged at me, two of them were very close while the rest were pretty far away, I decided offence was the best defense right now, I charged at the closest alien and grabbed its tail, it struggled, I could quickly rip of the tail and blue ‘’blood’’ dripped out, not very much though, the creature fell, I think it was knocked unconscious.
The second creature was closing in fast, it put its tail out front and I dodged to the side, when the alien passed me I grabbed its tail to halt it, then I stabbed it with the first ones tail, the tail hit right in what seemed like the neck and the creature screamed in pain.
The last three were coming at around the same time, I saw some debris behind me shaped like a pipe, it could be an effective weapon, I decided to pick it up and it was around one meter long and not very heavy.
They were very close now, when the first one closed in it missed, but just after that the second one came and hit me right in the chest, its tail wasn’t very effective against metal though so all I got was a little scratch.
The creature fell after it hit me so I decided to hit it with my pipe, I hit it in the side and it was knocked unconscious.
The third creature stopped and turned around, apparently these creatures were capable of fear, I noticed the first one was preparing another attack so I attacked first; I ran against it and smashed it with my pipe, I think it was dying.
I couldn’t catch the third one so I decided to collect the genetics of the creatures, starting with the dying one, all I had to do was put my hand on it and I would get the genetics after some seconds, my creators were the only ones who knew how it worked.
I didn’t get enough genetics to really change anything but it’s a start, I decided to give the creatures nicknames so that I could easily refer to them, these should be named ‘’stingers’’
I was going to walk inside again but when I turned around the door was closed, then I heard a radio transmission; ‘’Silver, there is nothing more we can do; you know your mission and we can’t help you do it.
I decided to continue forward, there was debris everywhere but no more aliens attacked me, I thought the alien that escaped would tell them, maybe it did and they fled which is confusing considering that my records of history with these things hasn’t showed them flee a single time before, puzzled I continued on with caution.

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