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Chapter 2: The world
Reretzu appeared in the world called Agereth, A cruel world for warriors and magicians, Reretzu appeared close to the town called Shivil, which is almost unknown in this world.
There are seven main armies owning 78% of the world, the other is owned by smaller armies, from order largest-smallest here are the main armies.
Royality: a very Nobel army, there’s been rumors of evil things happening inside the castle but outside they seem like a very basic army focusing on numbers.
WarCows: these are what the most people consider the ''evil army'' they have no mercy, burns villages and laugh in the process.
Dynami: the make machines, wonders but are weak in combat, these folks buy themselves from trouble or uses the highest technology weapons existing. (Warcows are trying to get their technology)
Steel: very tough people with giant hammers and swords, they could probably take Reretzus spear Qick with 1 hand.
Denemo: these are almost only rouges and thieves a powerful of the kind though they can kill you before you know they are after you, and do it painless
Skov: Rangers, hunters, you name it, they use bows and don’t like technology
Raid: these guys have few in numbers but much in strength they are fast, strong and deadly
Reretzus town is in a Raid area, there are no countries everything is based on the armies.
The technology in this world is pretty high but people still use swords and such instead of guns because they can counter guns with magic, also the Dynami has made some fantastic weapons, armors and other things.
I have to mention the unknown it’s an area where if you enter, you don’t come out so nobody knows what’s in there.
About the magic, in larger cities there are schools for it but in the smaller cities and towns it’s hard finding teachers, so you mostly just use the library and read whatever magic you can get.
The most basic magic is elemental magic like fire, thunder and ice but then there’s dual magic which is more advanced elemental magic mostly two fused elements so that you can make for example a burning tornado but it’s hard to pull off right and there’s also lots of other kinds of magic and people think that they haven’t found half of all the spells.

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