torsdag den 19. januar 2012

Real steel

Story:The story of this movie is a lot like Rocky, in the future wrestling is very famous, but it's done by robots instead of humans.
The main character loses his robot by accident in a match and the only way he could get money to buy a new one is to watch over his own kid, who he left eleven years ago, for the summer.
Whit the money he gets he buys a very powerfull new robot, but because he didn't know the interface, it was also destroyed in a battle, I can't say any more whitout spoiling the story.
Good things:Despite being similar to Rocky, it does change the story up a bit by adding some family problems, they are actually pretty well made and they add a layer to the story.
The fights and general animation of the robots are great, the final fight scene was great and pretty emotional too.
The relations between the characters weren't forced, most of the time.
Bad things:Way to predictable, I could guess the whole story from the start and I said it differented from Rocky with some things, but the pacing, story and shooting is way to similar.
The villains were pretty uninteresting, they didn't talk alot, one good thing about them though, was that they weren't really villains.
The texan guy, I want to punch him in the face.
It ended to suddenly, right after the fight, no epilouge, nothing!
Improvements:I want a sequel to the movie, I really do, it has great potential.
Make some off the stage fights, not all fights have to be in the ring, having a final fight outside the ring where the main characters lives could depend on the outcome would be great to see and much more intense.
You have giant fighting robots, the shouldn't all be humanoids, the robots were great but it would be awesome to see some robots with more legs or arms, maybe just a very large one, they are all to similar.
Similar to Rocky in many ways but still different in some makes a good combo, but it would have been better if it tried to be its own movie, it was also way too predictable, I would have loved to see some plot twists.
The action was good and the robots were fun, so if you can see it in a cheap way, go ahead!

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