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Chapter 1: Rain of Fire and the shadow
Reretzu found himself in a 14 year old body 3 years ago; he had no memories before that.
He has White hair and is usually very quiet, he has few friends and no family or so he thinks, he also wears some very weird clothes who the others call ''assassin clothes'' because he almost never makes a noise in them while walking.
Reretzu woke up as usual, that is 2 hours before everyone else in town and went out of his small house to some plains right outside town and started his daily training.
Reretzu had crafted weapons since 1 year after he ''appeared'' and has crafted some good ones for himself and his friends, the weapons he wield the most are:
Wrath and giant blade imbued with a little magic, it’s hard to wield but Reretzu and Razmo know it good enough.
Winter which is a revolver like gun that has 2 barrels and can carry up to 18 rounds.
But he also has:
Nek-Ku a semi-automatic pistol that can carry 24 rounds but with Reretzus reflexes they are quickly depleted.
Qick which is a very thick spear, and the reason he doesn't use it is because it became too heavy so he only carries it around and when needed does a HUGE attack.
Reretzu also know magic, mostly thunder and wind but sometimes he does magic by accident and that magic no one in town has seen before.
After a full hours training when he started to get tired he noticed a shadow standing at the very edge of the forest, looking at him, he started running against the shadow that started running away, he also pulled out Winter just in case.
After chasing the shadow some time he tripped over a rock and fell down to and wierd glowing rock, it was blue and the shadow was gone completely, Reretzu took the rock and went home.
On the way home he met Razmo his only real friend, he had made some weapons for Razmo too.
-Reretzu what is the glowing thing in your pocket? Said Razmo
-A weird glowing rock i found, said Reretzu
-Sure... said Razmo: was it in the plains? You usually don't walk further out.
-No i it was in the forest i chased a... shadow there.
-What shadow, Reretzu what’s going on!? Said Razmo
-I... don't know, said Reretzu
-Let’s just go to the library and study magic, said Razmo
-Yeah, Said Reretzu
Later while the two boys were reading in the library a giant fireball flied through the roof and killed several people.
-What’s going, yelled Razmo
-I don't know just run, yelled Reretzu
When outside the library they saw that there came several more fireballs, and Reretzu saw The shadow, he started running after it again, the fireballs somehow seemed focused on him.
-Reretzu wait, said Razmo and started running after.
The shadow led them out in the forest in into a weird place where the trees stood in a ring around them, then they looked at the shadow and Reretzu started shooting at it, then it disappeared and so did the fireballs.
-Isn't it weird after we came here we can't seem to see or hear any more fireballs, like... the shadow saved us, said Reretzu
-We don't know it and it doesn't know us it’s probably a spy sent after us for some reason, said Razmo
-I also far away when the fireballs started raining saw a boy that looked like he was casting a big spell, he seemed a little older than you Reretzu, said Razmo.
-Let’s just go back to town and see if there are any survivors.

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